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Everyone has to eat everyday of their lives, Why Not Eat Healthy, and Safe!

Since 1997 We Here at Southcoast "Meat" Distributors, Have Strived to make each and every customer part of our family! We also strive to carry the "Best" Food Products For Our Customers with a 100% Guarantee! All cuts are Individually Vacuum Sealed! We specialize in U.S.D.A. "Prime", U.S.D.A. All Natural Angus Steaks, Natural and Marinated Chicken Breast, White Meat Pork, and High Nutritious Seafood! Our family eats Healthy For Less. So come in and join our Family, Eat Healthy, Save Money, and Enjoy One on One Customer Service and Convenience.

Dennis Smith  President

William Page  Manager                                                                                                        

How much does a steak really cost?                                                       What is the cost of the beef you eat? Most shoppers think it is the cost per pound, but they are wrong, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the key word here is EAT.  The real cost of beef is its cost per serving. The fat and bone that you trim off before cooking, or leave on your plate is a part of the total beef cost, but the best indicator of eating value per dollar is cost per edible portion. We at Southcoast, offer you the best value on quality meats based on the edible portions. Our products are strictly restaurant products sold to the public at wholesale prices. These products are not sold in stores.                                                       

Our Promise To You, U.S.D.A. Prime and Choice Angus Beef, All of our Meats and Seafood are Flash Frozen For Freshness, Restaurant Trimmed (Up To 30% Less Fat), and Vacuumed Sealed (No Freezer Burn and No Bacteria) The Safest Way You Can Possibly Buy Your Meats

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We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Food stamps, EBT cards and SNAP 

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